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- March 16, 2023 -

New songs, old songs

     Hey all! I feel like I've been quiet about what I've been working on recently, so I thought I'd give you guys a short update. I've been writing and recording a TON of new music for two projects: number one, my next solo album; and number two, putting together a new band. A while back I posted about my frustrations as I'd been growing too busy working with cover bands where my creativity was limited, so these two projects are allowing me to really stretch my wings as a songwriter and composer.

     What to expect? Well, my next solo album (titled "Redefinition") has a really organic sound compared to the previous ones, largely thanks to the fact that I'm recording on acoustic drums instead of electronic. (It's taken a lot of practice getting a clean acoustic drum sound, as well as learning to actually PLAY an acoustic kit for the first time in ages!) It will have anywhere between nine and eleven tracks, depending on how I choose to divide them up.

     The album is split between instrumental and vocal tracks (leaning slightly more toward to vocal end compared to the previous album), and really takes a lot of influence from progressive metal such as Porcupine Tree, Seventh Wonder, and Steve Vai.

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